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I play video games with cool people but they say annoying stuff that gets on my nerves a lot of the time.  Any comments on this? ?

So for about a year and a half now I have been playing video games with a group of people about my age. They are all cool people and are funny and I've had a lot of funny and great video game moments with them, and they like me and I like them. But things I don't like about them are that they are the kind of people that you meet online and they can often be really weird, immature and inappropriate a lot of the time. Not all of them, but some of them make racist jokes and comments very often, some say weird and messed up crap, and joke about things that aren't funny or should not be joked about. We'd all be so much better off if we never heard any of that nonsense, and overall a lot of dumb crap is said. I know they aren't actually racist and they don't mean all of the stuff they say (They have literally clarified that) but still i get very annoyed with them when they do do that. I am shy and I just never say anything about it. I just ignore the comments, until recently where I lightly commented "Please stop saying that stuff" and I have noticed that they have been doing it less. Another thing Is that because of how long I have been playing with them and how long I have been hearing these bad comments that It has gotten into my head and I am annoyed about that. I know what some people would say in response to this: Stop playing with them, or tell them to stop.

I am just going to straight up tell them to STOP. But if anyone has any comments on this then feel free to say so! 

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