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Is the a cat bite?

My cat Luna is a rag doll and came in this morning around 8am (I don’t know when she went out since my parents don’t follow the “she can’t go out at night” rule)  with no problems other than a hard section of hair near her right back hip bone right a little above her tail. Turns out it was clotted blood which I cut off to see what was going on. I can’t see two points of entry so I don’t know if it is a bite or not and I know she likes to sit in trees as I’ve seen her do it but can’t get her down as the trees in our neighbors yard so it might be a scratch from bark. If anyone knows what it could be let me know as all the bites I see on Google are bigger and more gruesome. I gave it a rinse using a pint of cooled boiling water and a teaspoon of salt. Please let me know if any of you have seen this before and know if it’s a bite or not so I can go to the vet. Thank you I’m very worried for her. 

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    It might be a cat scratch, but I doubt that's a bite. I wouldn't be too worried, cats get various knicks, and it doesn't look all that bad. Especially if it was already clotting. If it's not bleeding anymore, there's no need to worry. Bring your cat to the vet if the wound starts swelling, you see puss, or it looks inflamed. 

    And why are you putting salt on your cat's wound? It's possible salt slightly helps to clean a wound, but I'm sure you've heard the expression "rubbing salt into the wound." Have you ever put salt on a cut of your own? It's *painful*. If you're worried about infections, put some ointment on the cut. Don't cause more pain for your cat! And when you say "cooled boiling water" I hope you mean *completely* cooled, because pouring hot liquid on your cat is obviously going to do more harm.

    And finally, please don't cut off scabs from wounds, even to get a better look at it. Scabs form for a reason, they're a natural form of healing, and picking one off too soon can set you back in the healing process. It really isn't a big cut on your cat, so this time it isn't a huge deal. But please, if you see a wound on her, let it heal on its own, UNLESS it looks infected.

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