what u think about my idea for ninja gaiden 3?

he gets sucked into a portal by a demon or something and gets ported back to ancient babylon. ok thats the premise the meat and potatos is u take the phasing from final fantasy 15 kinda like that make it more action oriented and give him enemies to fight in 2 dimensions at the same time shadow and mortal he uses his ninjitsu to phase between the realms fighting battles in 2 dimensions at the same time. the open cutscene would be something like this hes fighting a guy and the guy swings the sword at him he phases while dashing thru the sword and unphases impaling another guy rips the sword out and jams the sword backwards into the center of the guys spine and shadows erupt around his sword and he slices him in half upwards like butter i mean thats an idea but that would be sweet

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