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What can I do to get better at the math section of the SAT?

I take one of my sats in two weeks and another one in a month. I think I can really do well on the reading section, but math has always been really difficult for me. My goal is to get between a 1200 and 1250 on the sat. The math section of the SAT really confuses me and honestly makes me wish I was better at math than reading. I feel like it would be so much easier to learn how to read and analyze a passage than re-introduce yourself to algebra, which I took three years ago. I never know where to start on the math section. I feel like a lot of the time the question confuses me a lot and I don't even know which equation I would use to begin solving the problem. I really want to hit my score goal but things aren't looking so optimistic right now. I'm really scared. I use Khan Academy to practice, but I feel like their explanations aren't the best so I'm often really lost when it comes to the math practice on there. What do I need to do to do well? Should I memorize equations? Please help!


I also have extra time on the SAT, which will help

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    your time frame is far too short to make a significant difference in maths, except for this general advice -- 1. answer all questions that you positively know within 20 seconds.  2. come back to the ones you didn't know the answers to in round 1 and answer all the ones that you have only 2 possible choices remaining [even if you have to mentally flip a coin].  3. then return in round three to all remaining questions, form a coherent theory that answers them all, and apply that theory.  - I successfully used the third element here to 'pass' a long, multiple choice statistics exam when I never passed mathematical statistics in classes.  Didn't learn stats by doing this, but I got past the prerequisite for the classes i really wanted [that didn't actually use this mathematical stats stuff anyway -- bunch of freaking equations that everyone looked up when needed and didn't have to have memorized anyway].  -- grampa

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    Get a SAT Prep book and practice, practice, practice.  Memorizing some equations will help.

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