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Is $800 a lot for gum lasering? ?

I recently just got my braces off (yay!), but I’m still not confident with my smile, especially my gums. On my left side, I have two teeth that are gummy so when I smile, it looks uneven. Nobody else really notices it, except me. I went to see a periodontist yesterday to get a consultation, and it costs about $800.00 just to remove about 1mm of gum tissue for both of the teeth. He said that he doesn’t want to remove a lot, so it’s just going to be a “subtle change”. I can live without doing it, but it will just bother me because it makes my gum cheaper. Do you think that if I go to my general dentist and get this done it will be much cheaper? I’m debating whether I should cancel the appointment because I just feel like it’s way too much for just two teeth. Medication and local anesthesia is included too, but those two are only $35.00

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  • hihi!
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    2 weeks ago

    No one will notice your teeth. Don't try to show molars when you smile; that is unnatural. I never noticed teeth until I began working for a dentist. As for trimming gums... I am only a chairside assistant talking, not a dentist... that sounds as if you are inviting problems down the road. If something is not causing pain or tooth loss, I'd leave it alone. Future tooth loss could be in the offing in the event your gums begin to recede.

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