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Why would people think of making beauty contests an Olympic sport but not 🏈 Football?

Seriously making Beauty Contest events like “ballroom dancing” and things like that is being considered for future olympics.

Seriously why would “beauty pageant sports” be added to the olympics but not football. 

Footballers are beaten up every game and come out bruised and often with concussions and traumatic brain injuries. We risk our lives to play and footballers have even died playing football. Why are they considering “beauty pageant sports” for the olympics but not “blood sports” like football.

Football is hard and for some girls and those sissy boys in beauty pageant sports like ballroom dancing they have it easy.

Looking pretty isn’t hard for those girls it is just not any effort to it.

Why would beauty pageant sports be considered for the olympics but not football, something Americans excel in?

Those prissy boys in ballroom dancing are not real olympians they are weak “pretty boys” that are cowards.

Why do we want beauty pageant sports in the olympics?


Some cheerleaders 📣 might say ,”if cheerleading was easy it would be called football” but I might say ,” If football was easy it would be called a beauty pageant”

Why can’t we have REAL football in the olympics?

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    Very few people would be interested in that.

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    American football isn’t being considered for the olympics because players can only play 1 game once a week. If it follows the soccer format, 3 round robin games, round of 16 single elimination. That’s 7 games. The olympics is only 2 weeks long. That would mean that teams would have to start playing each other 5 weeks before the olympics start. 

    Football isn’t world wide. It’s only played in a few countries, mainly the US and Canada. It isn’t spreading. Gooddell wants to expand it to Europe but it hasn’t happened yet. 

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