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Have you benefited from a Himalayan salt inhaler?

I have used a Neti inhaler which contains Himalayan salt and peppermint essential oil. It doesn't help much when I am in the full throes of an attack that requires a rescue inhaler, but it does help when I am feeling a little off. If I used it daily, I am sure it would be more efficient.

Salt also emits negative ions. If you’re not familiar with it, negative ions are invisible, odorless, and tasteless molecules. They’re abundant in certain environments like the beach, mountains, and waterfalls. These ions are thought to increase our levels of serotonin one of the so-called happy hormones. This gives the salt it’s stress-relieving and mood-stabilizing properties.

If you search online, various sites claim that Himalayan salt inhalers have plenty of health benefits. But most of them are yet to be substantiated by science. 

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    And all you write is total nonsense. Himalayan salt contains toxic substances and even some radioactive substances, though probably really small amounts. 

    And anyway, this question is obviously spam. 

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    neither ingredient will cause airways to open in your lungs which is what an inhaler needs to do. Himalayan salt is just pink salt with a minute amount of other iminerals that makes it pink..You are being scammed. In any case, using the inhaler only effects your nasal passages, not your lungs...A rescue inhaler directs the medication directly to your lungs not up your are setting yourself up for dying needlessly from an asthma attack.

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