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Shouldn't the NFL double the price of tickets so a section on the 50 yd line on ground level could be reserved for homeless fans?

And provide them as much food and drink as they want because they have just as much right to be there as any rich person, right?



So you are suggesting that the Democrats in charge of ruining the Democrat cities with their systemic racism are so pathetically frail and weak like Biden that can't close a stadium like they closed so many Democrat own small businesses for good?

Or when you think about how other countries aren't afraid of using their stadium as a place to murder women who dared to get an education, you understand why public school teachers in inner city Democrat schools don't teach student to read

Update 2:

Mr. Kiwifruit,

You sir, are one confused and misinformed individual.  Just because you believe yourself to be a master on the Democrat plantation doesn't me you own me.

People forced to poop on the sidewalks in Democrat cities are people.  They have just as much right to watch their team play as you do.  There is no law that says you can't sit behind the homeless and get them their free popcorn and coke.  You can pay for their ticket and get their snacks and smile that you are a Democrat.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    No, they shouldn't do that.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    This will not be necessary if Biden is elected because he will raise taxes to cover the cost of building low income housing in every neighborhood in America.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Not in a capitalist society.  Capitalism is not egalitarian, never has been, never will be.  There will always be the very rich and the very poor in a capitalist society.  And poor people have no rights to access any profit dependent service without paying for it.  BTW what you are suggesting is welfare something Trump and his Trumpets would never agree to.

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