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How much British money is in an American dollar?

I'm trying to figure out if I should go to the UK and do my work over there since I work-from-home now but I can't figure out how much British money is $4,000 US dollars. That's my income per month.  Do you guys use dollars?

Is $4,000 US dollar enough to rent an apartment in downtown London, order take-outs, maybe go out occasionally..?


I think with a US passport, I'm allowed to stay for 6 months without a visa. My work has turned to online due to COVID.

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    You can find an Airbnb but you may have to move around.

    It is not illegal to work as a tourist as others have claimed. Its like saying that if I go to London on vacation and make a business phone call that is illegal. Yes, it is illegal to get hired and work for a UK company in the UK while visiting as a tourist. But to pull up a laptop and do several hours of work a day for your US based company is not illegal. The problem would come if you try to spend too long.

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    As stated, you can't work in the UK on a tourist visa.  But if you get one that lets you work, you will have to also pay UK taxes which are higher than US.  And also the cost of living is high.  When I married my Brit sweetheart 43 years ago, the 1st time my British father-in-law came to the US, looked around, saw the house we lived in for what we paid, he told my wife, become an American citizen and stay here.  The Yanks have a better livelyhood and life in the USA than we do in Britian.  The cost of living is less, the opportunities are better and the weather is better.  Do you research, check the cost of living and taxes and see if its worth it.

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    Spanish cocaine dollares from 1600 AD

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    One USA dollar is worth about 77 pence. In round terms, threequarters (three fourths - USA style) of a British pound, according to last weekend's newspaper.

    In other words, $1.30 buys you a British pound.

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    The UK uses British Pounds and not US Dollars.

    Currency converter:

    Regarding living in the UK:   

    The cost of living is generally higher than in the USA. You will not save money by staying in the UK.  Quite the opposite. 

    US citizens can > visit < the UK as a tourist for up to six months without a visa.

    You cannot legally work while visiting as a tourist.

    You will not be able to rent a regular apartment while on tourist status.

    You can get away by working online but you can't say anything about that to the Immigration Officer.

    When you tell the Immigration Officer you plan to stay for longer than a normal vacation you will be closely questioned about how you can afford to not work for such a long time. 

    If the Immigration Officers suspects you will illegally work while you are in the UK then your entry will be denied, and that will be a baaaaaad thing. 

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    I think with a US passport, I'm allowed to stay for 6 months without a visa

    US passport is your IDENTIFICATION

    It is not an entry pass or a work permit.

    A US citizen CAN be allowed to stay for UP TO six months IF APPROVED by UK Immigration.

    BANKS can exchange your dollars for REAL MONEY that has been used in the UK for CENTURIES before US dollars arrived on the planet. Those Brits are so clever.

    Is that salary enough? Depends on how small your flat is and your food tastes. DO NOT expect five star gourmet meals daily.

    Your own place in central London? NO

    A sort distance away by train possible.

    DO NOT plan this adventure for a while. COVID 19 has stalled this type of thing.

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    Google $1, $500, $1000 etc, any amount, in this manner "500 USD GBP" and your result will show your United States Dollar to Great Britain Pound value.

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    First you can't work on a 6 month visa free holiday, so that is number one illegal, secondly you can't rent a flat anywhere in the UK without proving to the landlord you are legally living in the UK and legally earning, it is a legal requirement of all UK landlords to have to have proof of this or they could be heavily fined, the shortest contract is 6 months and  with just over £3k a month you will find no 'apartment'( flat ) in 'downtown' ( cental) London, you might' find a room in an HMO in the cheaper London suburbs...but you have no proof you are legally living/working/studying so you will not get one

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    You can't move to the UK without a visa. Making this simply not an option. (It's illegal to work or look for work on a tourist visa).

    Also; you can't currently travel from the US to the UK, for obvious reasons. 

    You can easily google currency conversions. $4k is worth around £3k GBP

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    Silly idea, you are not allowed to work here on a tourist visa. There will be a red flag with banks when the money is paid in. There is NO downtown London, Rents are very expensive , Landlords want huge deposits and very few will rent for 6 months.

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