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How long to become a proficient mechanic?

Proficient enough to handle most tough jobs to a basic DIY er ... I am proficient in oil changes , brakes, tires, I know how to do starters alternators, spark plugs, fuel injectors even aluminum intakes and valve covers but some cars you run into can be nightmares. I also know suspension and other basic car repairs. Currently I’m learning electrical and trying to get good at Diag.

How long should this take me? I work at a shop as a lower level Tech.

Laugh but I think 1-2 years 

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    You need a few months to learn how to use all the tools of the trade.  After that it is just reading the technical manuals on how to fix the car and following instructions.  

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    It depends greatly on the individual's innate technical ability, and their access to people who know what they are doing so they can observe and learn how to keep from making rookie mistakes that will prevent them from being allowed from doing more elaborate repairs on vehicles.

    I worked on cars and boats with my dad from the time I was big enough to pick up a wrench, and while I've never actually worked as an auto mechanic, I've worked on other types of machines and equipment, including cranes/hoists, 3-axis routers and plasma cutters, as well as other custom built machine tools.

    I can do just about any repair to any vehicle I come across - with one exception, I don't mess with transmissions.  I could probably learn, but I have always had access to people who were professionals, and while I will take off and reinstall the transmission, I let them worry about rebuilding them.

    I'll be putting a new clutch in my daily driver (a 2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback 6-speed) next weekend, I replaced the stock clutch 3-1/2 years ago (that failed at 26K - probably because the original owner rode the clutch for the first 19K), but the stupid aftermarket slave cylinder decided to fail the other day.  Fortunately the clutch kit I bought has a lifetime warranty, and as long as I have to pull the transmission to put the new slave on, I might as well swap clutch/flywheel since it isn't costing me anything.

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