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Why was “what’s your sign?” a common pick up line in the 80s?

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    That was big in the 70's. People seemed to gain new interest in astrology with books like "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs." I was in high school and I remember the book being passed around. 

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    It was the 70s and for some oddball reason, the musical "Hair," first performed, in 1967, triggered a real interest in astrology (sort of).  The song "The Age of Aquarius" was a big part of it.  It began:

    "When the Moon is in the seventh house" (which happens every day)

    "And Jupiter aligns with Mars (which happens about every two and a half years)

    "Then peace will guide the planet ... (which is a load of mush).But these were legitimate astrological terms, except "aligns," but they couldn't sing "When Jupiter conjuncts Mars."  Sounds awful - besides Mars is the faster planet. The idea of Jupiter and Mars bringing peace while the Moon is in the house of war is a bit mystifying, but it was a song, not a text. Astrology, except for Sun sign columns, was a real oddball pursuit that required math knowledge and some astronomy, special books, plus a lot of patience in the late 60s early 70s.  But then, as now, people were looking for "compatibility" and it was a cute opening line.  If the guy knew some Sun sign stuff he might have impressed the girl - who knows?  I don't know that it continued into the 80's.  It might have. The interest plus the advent of pop psychology resulted in a merging of the two that astrology has yet to completely recover from.  We're working on it. 

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    Mainly an ice breaker. There was a concept or "thing" going on associated with "New Age". Where the hip people were encouraged to live like it was before technology. Magical thinking was a big part. All sorts of philosophical reasoning that involved ancient cultures. Especially the arts and mystical religions.

    Astrology had a big resurgence. Since it seemed so "natural" and most of those ancient cultures had a version. Look at the movies of and about the era. Astrology signs pop up in the pop culture. I remember being so smug when a character in a hit film described my sign as the best lover.

    Mostly the reaction of the "what’s your sign" is a nodding thoughtful look. Like they have all the stereotyping memorized. Sure. Next they are trying to figure out whether or not we’ll get along.  

    People still like using their sign for an excuse. When I have a conversation that involves astrology, I calmly take a realistic position. People often don’t think out such beliefs. "If it feels good, do it" was another popular quote. I’ll go with "question everything ".

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    Because if a girl said her sign was "STOP" then you continued just to see what happened.  Back then there was no such thing as rape if the guy was cute.

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