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Question about alcohol consumption and digestive health?

I’ve noticed that usually during drinking, alcohol causes stool to be runny and frequent, and urine to be usually clear, as if you’re hydrated (although you’re usually the opposite). Regardless, bowel movements the morning after a night of heavy drinking are usually especially runny, painful and smelly (not trying to get TMI). Why does this happen?

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    I get the same thing too, especially if I’ve eaten and drank alcohol. But I get it even if I haven’t had food, alcohol can do this especially cider and beer, I think it’s because it’s actually quite harsh on our tummy’s that’s why some people get heartburn after drinking and why, when someone is absolutely drunk to the point of being unconscious they can actually mess themselves. It must do something to our digestive system. It’s a poison at the end of the day. My advice would be cut down and just have a couple of drinks or have something like toast if you’re going to drink as it is good for settling your stomach. 

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