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Does this recipe exist??

My aunt always had this dish in a crock pot at every family gathering that she called "Chicken Spizadelia" (sp?). It was shredded chicken and hot peppers and I'm not sure what else. I've tried all different variations of spelling to search for a base recipe, but haven't had any luck. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I spelling it wrong? Do you have a recipe? Thanks!

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    I suspect your aunt made it up or its a family thing that someone else in the family made up. Ask within your family. Lots of recipes in families will never be found in a cook book or cooking web site because its unique to that family. 

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    It might help if you had some idea if the cultural/ethnic origin of the dish as Nikki P pointed out

    I would suggest you also look for "crockpot shredded chicken and hot peppers." There are a lot of dishes that start with chicken, chopped onion, either bell or green chiles -- or hotter chilis of your choice.  Many crock pot recipes use a jar of green chile sauce or a jar of salsa.  This provides the moisture. Depending on your tolerance for heat, start mild and add truly hot peppers sparingly.

    For an Italian version look up crockpot or slow cooker Italian Chicken with Red Peppers  or Chicken Cacciatore.  

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    was this more of an Italian dish? Mexican? Spanish? that might give you more of an idea how it came about.

    It is possible that it started out as a baked dish then the slow cooker came along and she adapted it Or it started out that the chicken was pounded thin, fried then the peppers were added. This is much like a saltimbocca.  There are many other dishes that are like this a picatta but using peppers in place of the capers. She may have adapted to what she could find in the store.

    Another great reason to get family to write down family favorite recipes.

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    It sounds like one of two things. Either she made it up on the fly or she was trying to make something else, messed it up and created an entirely new dish out of necessity. 

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    3 weeks ago

    Cooking shredded chicken in a crock pot is a very common way of cooking. The name "spizadelia" may have been your aunt's play on words "special" and "dilla" (as in quesa-DILLA). Or it could be her own special recipe.

    Why don't you ask her or your mom/dad?

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    I'll second the idea that your aunt made this up on the fly.  If you want to try this, perhaps you could include some onions and diced tomatoes.  Please let us know how it turns out,

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    This sounds like something your aunt created on the fly; her own special recipe. I have never heard of it this before. Was it served with/in tortillas, like as a filling? Could be a play on the words "spicy" and "quesadilla" and she just ran with it. 

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