2 stroke flooding plugs randomly?

I have a 2000 ktm 2 stroke dirtbike that keeps fouling plugs with oil, every ride i have to switch the plug for a clean one and itll work perfect for a bit and then bog out on me, sometimes it lasts a couple hours sometimes it lasts 5 minutes. Ive been revving high to burn excess oil but it still has the same issue, ive tried a new air filter, new plugs, tried adjusting the ratio of oil to gas (tried all sorts of mixes from 32-1 to 50-1) i find the more i rev/ride hard the longer the bike will run, i just want to get it a bit more reliable for longer rides but i cant figure out the issue, the previous owner installed a fresh carb kit so i avoided the carb up until now (especially because it runs perfect until it bogs out suddenly) but im not sure what to try next. Any ideas? All comments appreciated im fairly new to 2 strokes

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Fouling plugs every ride is not normal. First, you need to run whatever oil ratio the bike maker recommends.  Varying from that ratio will make the bike run leaner or richer, because the viscosity of the mix will affect how much will flow through the main jet, and besides, being a collection of hot metal parts sliding against each other, engines don't run long with less oil. Bikes aren't manufactured to run this poorly, if you refer to the owner manual and run the recommended plug and have the correct main jet size and oil/fuel ratio, your bike will probably run like it was designed to.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Wrong plug or running too rich. Don't lean it out too much or you will melt the piston. The oil mix should be set to the factory recommendation.

  • adam
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    when I have a problem with any of my bikes I always look at whatever was the last thing I fixed or adjusted. You say the previous owner installed carb kit? I assume you mean he rebuilt it. Wanna bet the problem is there? So its possibly running to rich? What color is your exhaust smoke? 

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