Career Advice pls?

Career Advice pls?

Name: Devendra Sawant 

DOB : 25th OCT 1976 

TIME : 17:45 

Place : Mumbai 

Country: India 

Name : Aparna Sawant 

DOB : 8th OCT 1978 

TIME : 23:15 

Place : Mumbai 

Country : India 

I'm having Career problem, I'm getting transfer 2-3 in years . I worked hard but not get recognition. When I will get stability.

Moreover, puskraj stone for since i was 20. In addition of this last year, Having CAT EYE stone in finger 

Could have future job promotion opportunity in same company / have search new job


Career Advice pls 2021

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
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    Your stability will not come until shukra mahadasha

    ends in Sept 2028 and sun mahadasha starts

    Who the hell advised cat's eye? it is a very hot stone

    and will only give you bad temper

    Please remove it immediately and give it

    to the first beggar that you see in the bazar

    Continue wearing pukhraj

    Wife kundli is very good but she is suffering

    because of you

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