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Islamic religion who kills people for satire, but is the context correct?

There are several hadiths that says if you make satire or make fun of islamic main guy, then you should be killed. But there is also this

"....There reaches every day from Ma'add abuse, or fighting or satire; Whoever satirises the Apostle from amongst you, or praises him and helps it is all the same, And Gabriel, the Messenger of Allah is among us, and the Holy Spirit who has no match."

For full context here

So doesnt this just mean if you are at literal war with people? And not if you just make jokes for lols. Just curious?

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    Islam is an evil murderous cult that has nothing to do with god Their phrophet is false and all those that follow him will burn in hell. God chose a Jewish woman to have his son and Juses is half Jew and as all Islamic want to murder Jews what do they think will happen when they get to the pearly gates Straight to HELL

  • 2 weeks ago

    Major sins are forgiven throug repentane ( Tauba ) only and a pledge to restrain from that from future . Reciting Sura Yaseen is of great reward but do not wash all major sins. Allah direct " Wa tubu illallah hi tauba tunn nasooha " And repent to God with full pledge of abstinence , then He will wipe out all your sins 

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