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How can I come up with a better ‘summary’ for my story?

I’m currently writing a book on Wattpad and I really don’t like my blurb so far. The writing of the book itself is fine, but the blurb is just bad and plain boring. This is what I have:

After the fall of the gods and goddesses, Xomaldir, god of chaos and war, took over the planet of Cerarth and has become bent on destroying all of the mortals who live within the planet. Creator of the Dravonic Army, he is coming closer and closer every day to obliterating the planet. 

Cast out of the Dravonic Army with her best friend and her captain, Aelisia ventures into the woods of her planet with nothing but a sword and her wit. All seems hopeless until she meets the Traveling Bard, a demon who points her in the direction of Costune's temple, one of the fallen goddesses. It's a race against time for her to recover the artifact of Costune, the Daybreaker.

One, it’s written poorly. Two, I feel as if it reveals too much about the story? The story’s general plot is as follows:

- Hero was taken at birth to join the Dravonic Army, which Xomaldir made

- Shes cast out with her two friends for breaking a rule while out in battle

- She realizes just how bad the army is, and becomes adamant on destroying Xomaldir in some way

- Shes lost as to how to do this until she finds the Traveling Bard, who points her in the right direction of the only thing that can save the planet: the artifact of Costune, Daybreaker. 

- She has to find the artifact before the planet is destroyed 

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  • Amber
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    4 weeks ago

    The problem with people on wattpad is they upload their work as they write it, so no wonder the site has a reputation for mostly poor writing.

    First you write it down. Then you take a break. Then you come back and do some editing. Real editing not just correcting spelling and punctuation. Then, depending on how serious you are either much more editing with the help of experienced beta readers or just upload it. The blurb makes very little difference if the story isn't even ready to be seen yet.

    My concern is; if you can't even make a blurb sound enticing, interesting and structured how will the entire novel turn out? There is a simple formula to writing blurbs. I suggest you do some googling and learn.

    Lastly I'll wish you all the best.

  • Andrew
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    4 weeks ago

    You should concentrate on finishing the story before you begin to concern yourself with the content of your blurb. Once you're done with the first draft you'll need to proofread it, do some editing, make some revisions and refine it and polish it up, so there's really no sense in wasting time worrying about something as trivial as a blurb. 

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