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Which Coat should I get (which is dressy and suitable for a slim but curvy body shape)?

I need to replace a black trench I own because its worn out, but they seems to be harder to find. I found these three and debating on which one to get - One that is dressy enough for formal wear but still not too boxy or heavy I already own a red dressy trench and pale pink coat with gold glittery threads, but I don't think those two would be suitable for lets say funerals.

I've a slim petite but curvy body-shape with broader shoulders and small waist and generally would go for something like the third option which has a belt(which is also on sales and cost half the price of the other two), but I'm not sure if it would look too casual?

Most of the year I need to wear heavy down coats so I suppose 3 is better than a puffer coat, so this coat is more for the transitional months during summer/fall and spring/fall (which is moderate mild temperature).

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    The double breasted jacket is very fashionable. That style has been around for decades, and never goes out of style.

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