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Future education?


I am doing a levels at the moment and have no clue what to do after.I am not fond of studying so I might not want to go uni and instead mybe do a Apperentaships. Also ime thinking of taking a gap year. Can anyone list the pros and cons with uni apprentaships and gap years and give me advice on what j should do?

Many thanks.

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    I recommend you take a basic English language course.  Your question is almost unintelligible.

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    It depends on what you want out of it. If you don't like studying - then university probably isn't your best option. 

    An apprenticeship will give you real skills & experience + a qualification (and a very small income), so is a great option for vocational career options. 

    A gap year... well, given the pandemic it might be limiting. You can't currently travel and there are no jobs. 

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