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A water slide is constructed so that swimmers, starting from rest at the top of the slide, leave the end of the slide traveling horizontally. As the drawing shows, one person hits the water 5.00 m from the end of the slide in a time of 0.584 s after leaving the slide. Ignore friction and air resistance, find the height H in the drawing.


There is no drawing within this problem it is a typo, sorry about the confusion! 

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    h=1/2 gt^t h=.5*9.8*.584^2=1.67m

  • NCS
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    If H is measured from the bottom of the slide to the water,

    H = ½gt² yields

    H = ½ * 9.81m/s² * (0.584s)² = 1.67 m

    If H is measured from the top of the slide, then

    H = h₀ + v²/(2g) = 1.67m + (5.00m/0.584s)²/19.6m/s² = 5.41 m

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    I answered this question yet, but since i didn't use a magnifying glass i misread the pic reading 5 instead of H :

    This is the reason why i just computed the initial speed Vo instead of the requested H


    falling height h' = g/2*t^2 = 4.903*0.584^2 = 1.672 m

    horizontal velocity V = d/t = 5.00/0.584 = 8.562 m/sec

    m/2*V^2+m*g*h' = m*g*h

    mass m calcels

    h = (V^2/2+g*h') / g = (8.562^2/2+9.806*1.672)/9.806 = 5.41 m 

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  • Jim
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    3 weeks ago

    y(t) = ½gt² + v₀t  + y₀, v=at and d=vt are the basic formula you need to know.

    Standard gravity 'g' is -9.80665 m/s²

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Your drawing is done in white ink on white paper. 

    a) find the horizontal speed ( v = 5/0.584)

    b) find the height that gives that speed   v^2 = 2gh -> h = v^2 / ( 2*g)

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