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Is it customary that vegetarian meals on airplanes dont have a dessert?

My vegetarian meal was cheese pie, vegetables, bread and a piece of fruit.  I told the flight attendant that I'm vegetarian not vegan and that i'd like to have a chocolate mousse (like the rest of the non vegetarian passengers did). She acted very irritated and got me some  telling me im a difficult passenger.

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    The fruit was the dessert.


    The kitchens produce THOUSANDS of meals daily and are well aware of what VEGAN and VEGETARIAN meals are.

    Of course YOU as passenger KNOW EXACTLY how each item on the menu is prepared. Probably NOT.

    (like the rest of the NON vegetarian passengers did)

    MAKE UP YOUR MIND. The Airplane is not a flying restaurant with unlimited menu choices.

    You were served what you asked for.


    OF course as an experienced mass cooking specialist you KNEW it is common to use ANIMAL gelatin in the making of mousse.

    You were served a mousse and continue to complain. WHY?

     I'm a difficult passenger. VERY TRUE.

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    The fruit was the dessert.  I'm sure they've done research and decided that most vegetarians would prefer fruit over a dessert.  If you order a special meal be it vegetarian, kosher, Asian or whatever you can't complain that you didn't get something that's on the regular meal

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    There must have been a reason why the chocolate mousse wasn't offered to vegetarians, and the most likely reason is that it contained gelatine, which is derived from beef.

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    3 weeks ago

    Obviously you aren't vegan given the cheese pie.

    You need to watch them.  I've heard they will kick you off the plane for less.  

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  • 3 weeks ago

    There's nothing you can do really other than leave a negative review. I would do the same. If I go to eat somewhere and they give me attitude because I asked for more vegetarian options? Yeah that would píss me off.

    Though- did you have a mask on? She could've been annoyed simply because you weren't wearing one.

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