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How to let my roommate know I’m not ok with her bringing guys over in the current climate?

I live with just one roommate and she met a guy on a dating app a few weeks ago. He’s stayed round at our apartment twice and she’s been to his once, although she says his apartment is not it so they’re just planning on him solely coming over to our place. The guy she met is a bartender, and where I live has had an extremely big coronavirus spike recently and it’s actually completely against the rules to mix households for us. I’m very very anxious about the virus, especially since my uncle passed away from it in March. Considering all this, I’m pretty shy and don’t know how to broach the fact that I don’t like my roommate flouting the rules and constantly inviting this this guy over given my situation (not to make a global pandemic about me lol). How do I go about this in a non-awkward way?

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    Step 1- eat 2 cans of sweet corn

    step 2- drink 64 oz of apple juice that youve mixed metamucil into.

    Step 3- splatter a giant puddle of corn diarrhea in front of the door to your apartment

    This ought to keep your roommate away!

    Good luck

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    "Hey roommate, can I talk to you about somethin real quick? I'm definitely happy for you and (guy) and that things are going well. I know his apartment isn't you're first choice, but I'm not comfortable with him coming over given his job, the spike in cases, and after losing my uncle to it." 

    Unless your roommate is a total asshole, she'll probably be understanding. I'm sorry you've gotta go through a weird convo, and also my condolences in regards to your uncle. 

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    There's something deeply wrong with your entire lifestyle. The fact that millions of single women are doing the same thing and that the lifestyle is promoted on television and in movies does not make it right. Millions of people in Germany in the Second World War were Nazis but millions of people doing something doesn't make it right. Millions of people are going to hell too. You are not married yet you have moved out of your parents' house. You are probably twenty or older which would mean that you are at least two years past marriageable age. Possibly you are no longer a virgin yet never married which means you're fast. Your roommate is probably not a virgin and a number of words could apply. You are not living right and now are only just seeing one of the flaws in the sinful lifestyle for the very first time. Just one.

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    Stop listening to the scare mongers on the news! My doctor even told me it's just a virus!  I'm in my late 70's and haven't put on a mask yet. Statistically you have a better chance of getting hit by lightening than dying of covid! Of my many friends not one covid death so far. 

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    It doesn't matter which place they stay at. Your roommate is around him and she will come back to your apartment. If she unknowingly gets the virus, chances are you'll also get it considering you live with each other. 

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    COVID-19 or not any time you have a roommate one of the important subjects is for each of the parties involved to come in to agreement when it comes to friends and/or significant others staying over and for what length of time.  If they end up staying several days a week I think they should have to pay a certain amount to stay there. 

    I totally understand your concerns with others staying right now during this pandemic.  Having said that I think the ground rules need to be that no matter who is invited over they should stay out of the common grounds.  Instead they should only be allowed in the persons bedroom.  They should wear a mask when they enter and leave the residence and even in the roommates bedroom to protect not only you but the person they are visiting.  Once they leave any surfaces that were touched should be cleaned and something such as Lysol should be sprayed throughout.  Better safe then sorry

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    There's no non-awkward way to do it, you just need to flat out say it.

    Where do "rules" come in to play here, is this rules you decided between each other or are you in some sort of college housing which has it's own set of rules?

    If he starts staying too much as in quite frequent, you could always go with he doesn't live there and having him there will increase expenses in the apartment, because it will.

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    Not sure if there is a dignified way out of this, since your roommate apparently needs to take rides on the c*ck carousel

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    First you recognize that playing shy is not going to solve the problem.  You need to sit down with your roommate and tell her your concerns.  Remind her that it is against the rules for her to bring guys into your shared apartment.  Point out that him hanging out in your apartment is just the beginning.  He'll eat all your food, leave his trash around, expect her (and you, sooner or later) to cook and do his laundry, while he pays her (and offers to pay you) with sex.  

    If your roommate scoffs at this and gets defiant, tell her that the next time she brings a guy in, you are going to report her to the landlord (or whoever is the authority who set the rules about guys in the apartments).  If that doesn't work, then get yourself a pepper spray canister and tell her that next time you find a guy in your apartment, you're going to pepper spray them both.  She is likely to test your resolve, so be prepared to enforce your threat.  It may be the only way to get her to obey the rules.  Suggest to her that if she had her boy friend want to hang out together, they must do it somewhere else.  You don't care where else, just not in your apartment.  Like, she can hang out at his bar, for instance.  It isn't like the guy  is homeless.  I've heard that excuse before that he doesn't want to embarrass you by taking you into his apartment with his roommate there.  But he thinks it's okay to do it in your apartment, where your roommate will insist that you leave, or at lest evacuate the bedroom, while they are doing their thing.  

    The best long-term solution, I have found, is to get your own place, even if it's very small.  At least then you have control over who comes into your apartment and what they do.  You don't have to share it with untrustworthy roommates.

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    4 weeks ago

    Have a discussion with her.

    Take the words you wrote in your question and make them come out of your mouth.

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