Single skin extension options ?

We’ve  recently purchased a property with a ‘single skin’ extension as photographed below and would like to know the most economical ways to have it brought up to modern building regs. 

The yellow wall on the right is to be knocked through, and it is our intention to raise the floor of the extension to match the rest of the property. 

We do not wish to do any planning applications with our LA, but will be having building control sign off the work. 

Any insight/ ideas welcomed. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    your in uk a builder uk ..there is no cheap way you can get out of this one the left in picture you can see the brick pillar of a single skin wall will need to add a stud wall around the inside of exterior walls ..tanalised is best ..4x2 ..leave 1"..25mm airgap between stud and brickwork ..infill studs with 100mm celotex ..board and skim ..adjusting electrics to suit ..the floor again tanalised timber ..celotex inbetween joist T&G chipboard  .all joints glued ..the ceiling will need joist ..tied each end to prevent spread ..celotex and boarded etc finish you will need certificate from sparks ..and gas safe engineer if used can fill in a building notice online the fee £480 ...but get the building inspector to come round and advise you exactly what he requires you to do ..they are friendly ..but not all councils are fussy about certain things dont tell him what you are doing ..ask him what he would do ..act dumb ..could save you a few bob ...the hard bit of this job is the fact you will need to remove everything out of room ...i have done this type of project dozens of time ..its not difficult 

  • 1 month ago

    In many parts of the world I am sure it will already pass.............

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