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Do I have to quarantine in England if I’m just passing through the airport?

Flying from Oklahoma to Africa. Layover at Heathrow for seven hours. Or is it just a seven hour layover really?  Will I have to quarantine at a hotel or something for two weeks before I catch the connecting flight?  

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    This is from the website linked:

    If transiting airside with onward travel outside of the UK and not passing border control, you are exempt from self-isolation requirements. If transiting landside after entering the UK, you may travel directly between ports (such as Eurostar to Heathrow) without self-isolating. You can end self-isolation to go to the port you will leave the UK from, if you are leaving within 14 days. Travel straight to the port and avoid public transportation.  All transiting persons will still be required to fill out the Public Health Passenger Locator Form.

    So if you do not leave the airside of the airport, you do not have to isolate.

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