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If feminists say they want to be in charge of their body, why is it that men are forced to pay for the upkeep of an “unwanted child”?

Maybe it's because the government knows women aren't very smart?

I am a pro-life person. I don’t think any unborn child is “unwanted”. I am against abortion and taking the life of the innocent child when it is growing in the womb

 But going by feminist “logic”, if they decide to keep their unwanted pregnancy, why should men be required to support it? 


@ melouofs - there is no logic in your argument. If I can also ask you the same thing. If you don’t want become a mother and raise a child, you remain celibate or get your tubes tied. You are a good example for banning abortion.

Update 2:

You want women to have the right to abort the baby against the wishes of man. But you don’t want men to have a similar rights which is women taking up the child support if she decides to carry the unwanted pregnancy to term. 

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    "Unwanted" children are somewhat rare in societies that allow birth control (including abortion) and most of the kids in foster care were taken involuntarily from their parents. When men have to pay child support it's usually to a woman who very much "wanted" the child. It's true that no form of birth control is 100%. But men who don't want children do have a method that's 98% effective, the condom. Since you don't believe women can be trusted to be honest about their own birth control it's up to men to make use of this 98% effective appliance. If men insisted on condoms 100% of the time they'd very rarely be in the position to have to either fund an abortion or pay child support for a kid they didn't want. 

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    If you don't want to father a child, and be responsible for one, you can either remain celibate or have a vasectomy. If you choose any other option, you are saying you understand that any resulting pregnancy may interfere with your own desires. You may be legally held responsible for that child's upbringing or the woman may decide to terminate the pregnancy, whether or not you want her to. These are the choices YOU make as the man in the equation. 

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