Which US city has weather that is comparable to the weather in Budapest?

According to a news article, it's like the climate of Boston, MA. Is it true?

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  • John P
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    3 weeks ago

    Boston I doubt, because Boston has an ocean frontage, whereas Budapest is  mid-continental.

    'Weather' is not 'climate', and 'climate' is not 'weather'.  On any one day in the year it might happen that the weather in Boston is similar to that in Budapest, but that would happen very infrequently.

    The only time I have been  in Budapest, in August, the weather was lovely.

    A city in North America comparable to Budapest for climate would have to be mid-continental, on a large river, ideally with some hills nearby to the north, but no high mountains, and with flat plains to the south.  Possibly somewhere like St Louis or Minneapolis.  Not a city near any of the Great Lakes.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Perhaps it would be better to tell us what the climate of Budapest is like.  I have never been there, myself.  Have been to Boston a lot, and grew up near there, so I can tell you what the climate is like.  Generally temperate climate: some snow in the winter and periods of heat and humidity in the summer.  I doubt that Budapest has the ocean-influence that is so characteristic of Boston climate though.  the temperature ranges and precipitation amounts might be similar.  Summertime highs in the 25-35 C range and wintertime highs in the 0 to -15 range, mostly, and about a meter of rainfall per year.  Boston will get a lot of winter days that go above 0 C though because of the nearby ocean and Gulf Stream.  Move inland and you won't get that.

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