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Why teenagers with Asperger's syndrome and special needs are likely to Dropout of High School ?


Can't you see of how very depressing life would be ?

Update 2:

How does people with High Functioning Autism and some form of a learning disability  view the World ?

Update 3:

Anxiety and Depression is a number one enemy.

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    4 weeks ago

    Typical ignorant teenybopper. I have mild Autism, and while I have endured more than my share of mistreatment and outright abuse because of it over the years, life is NOT depressing for me. I live a completely independent life, by most standards. I work full time, have a college degree, drive my own car, manage my own money, and vote and pay taxes just like anyone else. And NO, I didn't drop out of high school. Many people with mild Autism actually DO go on to college, and some of them pursue advanced degrees. I've got a distant relative who's also Autistic, and he has a PhD in engineering and works for NASA.

    How do I view the world? Very differently than you do, I am sure. But that doesn't mean my way of looking at things is necessarily bad.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Teenagers with Asperger's syndrome and special needs are not likely to dropout of high school. No, I can't see how depressing life would be. People with high functioning autism and some form of learning disability view the world like everyone else does. Anyone can have anxiety and depression.

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