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Do you think I had COVID-19?

First things first, I know someone on here is probably going to tell me that I should get an antibody test, but this was back in April, and COVID antibodies don’t last very long, so it would be pointless for me to get tested now for antibodies since the test isn’t cheap. I was also not given access to the nasal swab test since apparently where I live, they were saving it for the most severe cases.

So... I’ll tell you all my symptoms I had, and you tell me what you think- I’m only doing this to see how many people think this symptom combination is COVID compared to the flu- or anything else. I will not be using this as a confirmation/diagnosis that I had COVID. It’s more of curiosity- so... with that said, here we go!

-tingling in the hands and feet

-purple itchy toe rash



-nasal congestion and runny nose


-stomach ache

-muscle ache

-difficulty breathing


-mild headaches

Note: I never had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath (hypoxia). I only found it hard to breathe and I had to constantly be thinking about breathing.

All the symptoms lasted for about 2 weeks or less, except the purple toe rash, which took several months to completely heal.


Also forgot to mention that breathing was painful- at least on my left lung.

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    The tie rash is suspiciously Covid-y.  But you never lost your sense of taste?  I’d say probably, but no way to be sure.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes it sounds like it!

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