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Would a father kill his daughter out of jealousy because she is very intelligent and in University although he only finished Elementary?


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    Yes it is possible depending on which country.

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    Is 'jealousy' really what is happening here - or could it be your attitude towards him? I cared so much for my kids and did everything in my power for them to have a better life than I did - as most parents do. I returned to the workforce sooner than planned because the kids were coming home from their public school with the garbage they were picking up from the other kids at school. I had to leave my youngest with a baby sitter so I could go to work to bring extra money into the house to be able to afford private schooling. Not only were they associating with a better quality of children, their education was at a higher level. I stood proudly watching our eldest get her masters degree at Uni - UNTIL - she looked me in the eye and told me she was now a 'better' person than me! She showed she clearly had no understanding or appreciation for the sacrifices I/we made for her to have a better life. In her total arrogance, she put her uni success down to her own efforts, that she did on her own! So - where would she have been and how much would she have achieved if I stuck to my guns and left her abusive father when I was offered a single mothers pension and public housing in a lower area? No one can tell me/convince me she would have even considered uni if  she had grown up in a neighbourhood plagued with drug and alcohol issues! How about acknowledging to your father the sacrifices he made for you and how he worked to provide for you? Does an 'university' education teach you that your father was of a generation where an elementary education was a respected level? People in those days who went on to uni did so to pursue careers in medicine/law etc (like me). Or was he in a (financial) situation where he needed to look for work instead of continuing with school? People laugh when I say it - but it's true. I have seen so many 'nice' people become real buttheads once they have finished uni. In which part of your degree do they put the stick up your bum that gives you free rein to look down your nose on other people - even family?

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