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Iphone 11 breaking after updating to ios14?

So my phone was working perfectly well until I updated to ios 14, ever since my phone has been breaking and its getting worse by the minute. as soon as i updated i went to my photos and it said "0" and they slowly started to restore. the restoring thing has happened to me in the past when i had full storage but in this case its different as ive only used up 400gb out of 512gb + it only started after i updated. every now and then the screen glitches bright pink. certain apps crash and wont let me on them no matter how many times i try to open them, then eventually they let me on after waiting for hours. my phone started to crash and turn off by itself then back on again which was aggravating but as i said its gotten worse and it wont turn back on! it turns off for about 20 mins, turns back on for 10 seconds then back off again. photos go back down to 0 each time. i dropped my phone back side down about two months ago, backs cracked a lot but it can't be that because it's too huge of a coincidence that it'd only start acting up as soon as i update my phone. its currently stuck on the apple logo right now, as per usual. will probably turn on for a few seconds then back on again. also, my phone seems to have forgotten all my saved passwords etc and is acting as if its a new phone but i'm still signed in. even tried signing out of my icloud then back in again, nothing. can't go to an apple store right now as dont have the money + corona and none near by.


EDIT: it wont turn on at all now

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    If you can't or won't go to an Apple store, call them. They can give you the flat fee for repair or replacement for out of warranty phones/phones with physical damage.also ask about shopping it to them. 

    That way your know how much they will charge you. And there is nothing YOU can do, to "fix" the phone. 

    And while you don't think a drop two months ago can have an effect now after and update, not so, especially if the phone runs warmer and has less user ram after the update than it did before the update. All it takes is a loose component on the motherboard or a cracked soldered joint, to expand when heated, for things to get flaky. 

  • 2 months ago

    That's why you shouldn't update to a new iOS version as soon as it comes out... The only thing I can suggest would be to make a backup of your important files and restore your iPhone through iTunes.

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