Can you use spray insulation under screed?

I have concrete slab with copper pipes for gas and water in my kitchen. I need to insulate it and then put screed on top. The screed will contain my water under floor heating. I have got rigid insulation where I can except I  the kitchen where I have too much  pipes and will require too much cutting of the rigid insulation which makes it weak. Is spray foam strong enough to use in the parts where the pipes are? Any other suggestions?

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Thank you Barry, so use foam insulation and then chipboard and then screed on top of that? Thanks 

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  • Barry
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    2 months ago
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    The concrete screed will probably crack due to movement on the insulation. Why don't you use flooring chipboard? Apply glue to the edges to stop squeaks. I see no reason why you should not use spray foam too.

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