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Struggling with bpd ?

I've been struggling a lot recently and have been diagnosed with bpd just over a year ago. I'm currently working for the NHS and I'm finding it a real struggle, everytime I go in to work im wondering why I'm bothering when I'm not expecting to be alive in a couple of months. Why bother earning money that I'm going to waste on rubbish anyway. I've noticed im struggling to do anything that even slightly suggests I have a future. I haven't been food shopping in weeks as whats the point of buying food, this means I have been eating takeaways or not eating at all, I struggle with my personal hygiene, I haven't showered in 4 days as im not worth looking after. I don't know what to do really, I don't feel like I'm going to harm myself today but just know its coming and that it is something that im going to do. Im seeing a mental health service but they are pretty useless, im scared of losing my job as half the time I don't turn up and I don't let them know im not coming in. Been honest my life is pretty much a mess at the moment. Any advice is appreciated? 

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    The best treatment for borderline cases is DBT. It was better than the treatment in the control group in 8 studies (source - Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based Therapies in Practice by Roemer and Orsillo. To learn more, read Skills Training Manual for Borderline Personality Disorder by Linehan. The new edition might be very expensive. DBT can help with depression.

    I've answered a lot of depression questions, with advice from experts about standard treatments and self-help methods, which can enhance the effects of standard methods. Just click on my name and read if you like.

    There are some very simple methods that can help with motivation problems, and these are helpful in a number of ways.  People say, "I know there are things that will make me feel better - getting exercise, taking care of myself, straightening up the house and cleaning, but I'm depressed and I don't have the energy." The thing is, people do have energy when they're depressed - as much energy as they always do, but for some reason, the system is reluctant to let you use your energy.   

    We have to use psychology to coax energy out of our systems. Psychology has some nifty tricks.

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    So, you are very depressed and working with a therapist and psychiatrist (prescriber), which is all good. It's hard to do that work when you're depressed, so give yourself a pat on the back for that, for working, and for wanting to make things better. Now, my suggestion would be is to slow down. You're not going to fix things over night. Set small goals for yourself around the activities of daily living (eating, sleeping, bathing, socializing, and exercising). Your goal might be to go buy microwave meals, sleep 8 hours, bathe 3x/week, socialize (at least texts or phone calls) at least a couple times per week, and doing a half mile walk. Imagine that you have the depression flu. As with any flu, the goal is get the ball rolling towards feeling better. It will take a little while to feel better. Buy yourself a small present (perhaps related to a hobby) each week that you can afford, if it makes you feel better. 

    As far as your job goes, that would be a good topic to discuss with your mental health worker to figure out a plan. If you're diagnosed with BPD, you might even have some protection (though not sure how that works in the UK). 

    All the negative talk is a symptom of depression. You are as important and worthwhile as anyone else, and once you are feeling better you will know that to be true. The great psychologist Viktor Frankl said we don't know our destiny until we face the unique challenges that life puts in front of us. 

    Also, look up mindfulness meditation or talk with your mental health worker about that. What it's about is staying in the present (the here and now) because we really don't need to dwell on the future or the past until its in the present!

    Good luck.

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