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How did Diana know she was going to die in a car accident ?

She wrote a letter to her friend sayi g how her husband is planning her car accident and head injuries.

I mean it turned out to be right! She did die in a car accident How did she get this information? 


You google articles about the letter if you want 

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    She certainly knew something was going to happen and I'm not accepting that it was definitely an accident just because some police commissioner says so. I won't say it was definitely a murder neither. It's OK to not know something.

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    She received a warning from Crenshaw and had Terry MacMillan answer the letter.

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    she heard charles and the queen talking

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    She did not it was an accident cause buy the Drunk driver 

    end of story

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    Unlucky guess ....

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    in elton johns autobiography he mentioned that they were once close but had a falling out for a while. He said Diana was hanging around unsuitable people and started coming up with some strange ideas.

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    Someone close to Charles, all sycophants who mostly hate him, warned Diana what her idiot husband was discussing within his circle.

    She was, after all, one of them. An English aristo from a family of courtiers who must be seen to adore "The Windsors" for fear of being shunned and losing all they hold dear.

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    Have you read read the ENTIRE letter? Diana claimed that Charles wanted to be rid of her so he could marry--the nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke. What happened to Camilla, Diana did not mention. Diana mentioned that her car would be tampered with, the brakes rendered useless, and she would not be able to safely drive her car, and crash.

    Diana was extremely angry and extremely paranoid. She was highly imaginative as well. It was a coincidence that she did die in a car crash....but her injuries were not to the head. People tend not to wear seat belts in limousines for some odd reason. A seat belt could have saved Diana's life by lessening the injuries she suffered to her chest.

    "This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous - my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy.Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word."

    A witness at the inquest questioned the authenticity of the letter:

    At the inquest, the validity of the letter was questioned by one of Diana’s closest friends, Lucia Flecha da Lima, who claimed Mr Burrell,

    ( Diana's butler), could have forged the letter.

    Described as one of Diana’s confidantes, she told the court she did not believe the princess had feared for her life.

    “Paul Burrell was perfectly capable of imitating Princess Diana’s handwriting. I don’t believe she was fearing for her life, especially from Prince Charles, the future king of your country,” she said

    It was a  sad coincidence that Diana did die in an unplanned accident. She was not driving, the brakes were working. The driver was a last-minute replacement while the regular chauffeur acted as decoy to lure paparazzi away--a poor plan of Dodi Fayed's. Some paparazzi did follow the chauffeur, but others remained behind and followed the replacement driver, Henri Paul. Henri Paul was not a professionally licensed driver, but The Ritz Hotel's Head of Security. He impaired enough by medications and alcohol, to not be able to drive a speeding car. The car crashed. Even a princess can be the victim of a drunk driver. This is a hard fact for some people to accept and they have to come up with other reasons why.

    Diana died, not of head injuries, but of blunt force trauma to the thoracic region, causing her aorta to rupture, and for her to bleed to death.

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    If that was really true, you would think she would have taken great care to (i) not get in a car with a pissed up chauffer and (ii) not neglect to wear her seatbelt if she did.  Don't believe everything you google especially selected extracts.

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