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Why are crows popular and considered friendly in the Tower of London when they despise humans and are not friendly?

Please no Americans unless you know about this

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    Those are not crows, but ravens. Ravens are larger and smarter than crows. Ravens do not despise humans. They can be tamed. Those that live in the Tower of London have their wing feathers clipped so they cannot fly away. They are fed everyday. They are smart birds who used to hang around that area because that was where prisoners are executed. Ravens and crows both love to eat meat, but they do not have the talons or sharp bills that eagles owls, hawks, and falcons have, so they like to scavenge dead animals. They often show up where there are dead humans or animals. They for example may go to battlefields to feed on dead soldiers, or they may go to a dead animal killed by wolves. They are so smart that they would pull the tail of a wolf, and that distracts it, while other crows or ravens may then go steal a bite. 

    The British has a superstition about ravens in the Tower of London. They believe that if the ravens are not there, then the British Empire will come to an end. That is why they keep captive ravens there, and there is a person whose job is to make sure the ravens are fed. 

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    tradition .....................................................

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