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Clothing manufacturers in Europe outsource to Asia to save on wages, but why would a London designer outsource to Romania, in the EU?

I have a blazer of Italian fabric, which says on the labels, Designed in London, Made in Romania

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  • D50
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    2 months ago

    Is much skilled work actually outsourced to China? It seems to me that it usually goes to places with skilled hand labor, like Romania. You outsource to China when you want to get rid of your factory workers.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It isn't easy to find domestic goods.  It's been some years:  I was always brand loyal - never checked the labels carefully.  was checking a display of big fashion name dress shirts  that pushed "prestige"  with a large sign  " (brand name) Paris-London-New York".   I happen to see the label:  made in Bangladesh.  I've been very careful since then.

  • Oiy
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    2 months ago

    The wage rate is still low in Romania. Worker have also skills. They come every year to harvest Spargel in Germany. In terms of transportation,it has also the main advantage compared to China and Cambodia.

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