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If God exists?

Why is this forum full of dumbass trolls and anti-science creatards??

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    Where else but in a forum named  Religion and Spirituality?

    Science denial is caused by the irrational fears learned during indoctrination.

    If they don't believe in Adam and Eve, God will be angry and burn them in Hell forever! Spirituality, Gods, angels and the metaphysical world does not exist!     

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Creation is legitimate science. The denial of it, is the denial of the truth.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If an omnipotent benevolent god had created us and wanted us to know so, it could simply have us born with the knowledge of its existence, and what, if anything, it wants from us.

    This does not affect free will, because:

    1) Even people who are 100 percent sure of their religion (the vast majority of people who have ever lived) still commit what their religion considers sins

    2) The deity could still give us free will anyway, otherwise it wouldn't be omnipotent

    It would not use humans as prophets to get its message out, since clearly that channel of communication results in contradictory messages, and cannot be distinguished from messages that are not from the deity but only from the prophet (lies and insanity). The fact that there are many contradictory religions proves this beyond doubt. `

    From this reasoning, I conclude that either

    a) we were not created by a deity at all, or

    b) we were created by one that is not omnipotent, omniscient, and/or benevolent, or

    c) we were created by a deity that doesn’t care if we know it created us and has no demands of us.

    I believe a) is correct.

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    It's full of creationist because it's about Religion & Spirituality, and it's full of trolls because it's about Religion & Spirituality. The Christian creationist are her to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the trolls are here to block the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, who are you Mr. anonymous and why are you here?

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  • Are they trolls? And you, who are you? What are you asking this ridiculous question?

    If you ask the children in kindergarten, they will put your head down, you can see that you, You have never gone to kindergarten? eh?

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    "anti-science creatards"

    Evolution makes Christian morons cry.

  • Misty
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    4 weeks ago

    All gods are myths that reside in the minds of the deluded.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Jesus has always had many haters, obviously. 

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