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Why are the jobs I’m taking in and around Louisville KY full of bullies? ?

I live in Louisville Kentucky.

I’ve been job hopping because just about any job I take in Louisville or the fringe of Louisville is full of bullies and abusers.

The general slew of people just has bully syndrome or they are abusive. 

The guys that work there uses the word ‘gay’ in their sentences. If you got into a disagreement with one he would want to meet you after work for a sparing match outside. Random guys would ‘call you out’ when you are trying to do your job. Random guys would do things to you to see what you would do about it, like knock a pallet over that you are making and look at you to see what you would do, basically to try to incite a fight. 

Whenever you report one of these guys to hr the next day all the guys are harassing you saying you are not a man and accusing you of being gay.

Nobody just works and leaves everybody alone. 

Others jobs that I’ve healed deeper within the city of Louisville had only these manly women working there, they were women though they looked like that one girl off the movie a million dollar baby. They de-gendered themselves.

They would also try to beat me up past security cams, gang onto me and try to harass me for no apparent reason. They would even try or attempt to vandalize my car or follow me home to ‘jump’ me.

They just carried thug attitudes like these guys carry. 

Any suggestions? 

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    Unfortunately that's the mentality of men that work in low skilled and low paid work places.  Here in the UK, more than half the people that work in Warehouses, will have the mentality of a misbehaving toddler.  I'm not saying that every person that works in low skilled or low paid work is like that, but just many of them.

    I work in low skilled and low paid work and luckily the Company I currently work for, always seems to employ polite and intelligent people, that for whatever reason are doing this work, perhaps like me they've had 'traumatic' experiences working in Offices or Call Centres and need a job that fits round family commitments.

    Maybe you just need to find a Company in your area that employs intelligent people that just want to do their job, without the hassle of being bullied, they must exist.

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    Louisvillians are the most simple-minded, loathsome people on the face of the Earth (except for Mohammad Ali and Diane Sawyer; they’re cool). My advice is to set the whole city on fire. Start with Churchill Downs, but don’t hurt any horses.

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    I agree with your former co-workers, princess

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