Is Fitbit Sense or Apple Watch (SE or series 6) better?

I want to get one of these mainly to help keep track of my health and exercise and I’ve researched some but would like feedback from those who have actully used these. 

Important qualities I want the device to have are a GPS, be good for tracking sleep, good at tracking different kinds of workouts, have multiple good fitness apps, track calories burned & heart rate & steps, a digital clock option, be able to turn the display off so it isn’t on at all times, and not as important but would be nice is to be able to track fitness goals and change the look of the screen face (background, color, etc.). 

I have an iPhone and so Apple Watch seems the obvious choice however Fitbit is suppose to sync with iPhone too but I’m just not sure how well it does it and what it offers. 

I would love to hear your experience and any pros and cons to these devices. Thanks so much!

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    4 weeks ago

    As you have no answers, I thought I would respond. I've not tried either of the watches you mention, but I do use the Garmin Vivoactive HR. Garmin does make watches that are compatible with iphone (link below) so they might be worth exploring to see which one(s) have the features you want. Mine is on that list, but I don't know if it tracks sleep because I don't use it for that (I only wear it when I workout, and that's it). It does track a lot of different workouts, and you can create custom workouts. It tracks heart rate, steps, distance, pace (when appropriate). 


    The prices for different Garmin models vary, but I would imagine most, if not all, are less expensive than the Apple watch (I'm not anti-apple as I do use an iphone, but the watch is too $$ for something I don't intend to wear daily/all the time). 

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