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Is heroin really that easy to over dose on?

In pulp fiction Mia overdoses in seconds but then again that’s just a movie so ye is it easy to overdose in real life 

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    The term overdose is a catchall term used to describe a variety of conditions where death occurs as a direct result of drug use. It can be listed as cause of death in the event of a bad reaction to an otherwise safe dose of a drug, the results from combining two or more drugs that have negative interactions, using a poorly made product that would be lethal in any amount, as well as using a higher dose than is safe. So ODing is a possibility, but its one of many risks involved in habitual drug use. And unless its a massive OD, it doesn't happen in seconds. It takes some time for a person to fall unconscious and for their vital signs to drop.

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    A major reason it’s so easy to overdose on heroin is that the user never knows how much will actually cause an overdose. This, along with the following factors, is why so many people tend to overdose on the drug.:

    The purity of heroin is impossible to determine before taking it. 

    High purity means a higher strength and possibly more than your body can handle.

    Contaminants, especially fentanyl, can be incredibly dangerous and can cause an instant overdose.

    Your body’s tolerance for respiratory depression caused by heroin can also change quickly. When people stop using heroin for just a little while and then relapse, their tolerance can drop without even realizing it.

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