Big game for Arsenal today - they're playing the Champions of England away from home ?

Arsenal come to Anfield for their annual battering ^_^

Its an annual festival. A special day in the English football calender when every gooner watches the carnage happen, their team being mauled helplessly by Liverpool.

Normal full time scoreline for this fixture tends to be a 5-1 thumping,  and I expect nothing less than that today.

Prediction:  Liverpool 5 - 1 Arsenal   ( Mane 2, Firmino 1, Thiago, VDD)

And Aubamayang to get a consolation goal for them to take back to North London.

thoughts ?


@ Der Inder lol,  just don't JINX it for us mate.  Also,  unlucky with the 1-1 against Newcastle.  That should have been 3 points on the board but the VAR just showed why its a complete joke.  never a handle ball not in a million years. Newcastle fortunate but i fear lot of teams are going to get screwed by VAR this season the way things are going..

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Another 5-1 would be great, I've got the popcorn and coke ready, best thing about Arsenal losing is the entertainment doesn't end with the game, the meltdown on social media is all an important part of the fun. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Have to agree, can’t see anything but a Liverpool win, hopefully it’ll bring the Arsenal fans back down to Earth a little bit and remind them they will never be as a big as Liverpool in their wildest dream. 

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