How long do you study for writing or exam?

eg. a friend learned all day in 2 subjects and in the morning he did it nicely .... is it normal or slow ??

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    How long do I study for an exam? Personally, I keep up with the coursework all semester long and review any mistakes I make on homework and midterm exams. When it comes time for the final exam, I study for about two hours the night before. On the day of the exam, I take a half-hour to an hour to get things clearly in my mind in a relaxed way.

    It would be amazing if your friend did no studying and then crammed for 2 subjects in only one day, and managed to 'do nicely' on the exams. That would be extraordinarily fast, not normal or slow. You don't mention if the friend actually had studied all along though, and just spent the one day completely reviewing the two subjects. That would be normal. 

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