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I had a nightmare and I was screaming in my sleep?

I have always hated my brother cause he molested me(yes it was reported). He did it when I was 12 and I'm about to be 29 now and all my nightmares are my brother turning into a demon and coming after me. I had a nightmare about him last night that he was going to break my legs and I felt the pain in the dream it felt so real. I live with my dad and he told me I started screaming at 4am. I was screaming 'mom' and I remember screaming that, I think I woke myself up when I screamed but dont remember anything after that. I remember the dream clearly and I keep thinking about it. I woke up with my clothes soaked in sweat. How can i let this go it's been years since I've seen my brother? And me screaming mom doesnt make sense cause she is with him the one that backed me up was my dad I should've been screaming dad right??? I'm so confused why did I scream mom in my sleep if she has not been in my life since she took his side???

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    I am so sorry that your brother molested you when you were twelve. Try and remind yourself that you're now almost twenty-nine, that you haven't seen your brother in years, and that you have your dad for protection and support. You screaming "mom" does make sense because you wanted her to protect you from your brother and not take your brother's side and be with him. You didn't scream "dad" because your dad was the one who protected you from your brother and backed you up. 

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    I am so sorry you have to go through this. But you can do it and come out of it stronger . You need to talk with a GOOD MENTAL HEALTH PERSON , check them out, ask questions . Unfortunately most mental health "professionals" should not be in the field they are in, but there are good ones. 

    The reason you scream for your mom , is because that is the person you needed. I am sorry but she doesn't deserve you. She knows , she believes you , she is sick and selfish and it makes her life easier to pretend it did not happen or she just doesn't care at all. Either way she is toxic for you . I do know if you can face your demons , the ones inside you , telling you you still need your mom even though she is poison . You need to get very honest and face them , and tell them they are nothing and they can't hurt you .That you do not need bad people and you dont need them and tell them to get out ..because they do not scare you .

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