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What was California before it was a state? Was it a country? Part of Mexico, etc ?

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     of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo following the defeat of Mexico in the Mexican–American War.

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    California was owned by spain until Mexico broke away from spanish rule and created it's own country  Texas broke away from mexico making itself it's own country president tyler annex texas. polk wanted california and more land for texas  so he started a war of conquest against mexico called the mexican american was in 1848. We  captured and defeated mexico easily and sign a treaty giving the land of rio grande river in texas, new mexico, arizona colorado utah and california  1850  under millard fillmore it became a state 

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    Various parts of California were Spanish and Russian territory before US expansion took those territories.

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    Even before this spirit spread to Mexico, California felt the effects of the rebellions, for Spain's ... hunters, and trappers from England, France, Russia, and, of course, the United States.

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    California had been part of Mexico.  The Spanish had begun to colonize it around the time of the American Revolution.  When Mexico became independent a couple decades later, California went with them.  Then came the 1840s era Mexican-American War.  The US crushed the the Mexican military, occupied Mexico City, and forced a peace treaty on them that required Mexico to cede the northern third or so of the country, what now makes up the American west.  With a few exceptions such as New Mexico, the region was relatively sparsely populated with Mexican citizens.  Soon after the peace treaty was concluded, a worker in central California found gold in a stream.  The gold rush was on and California's white population boomed dramatically.  The state was quickly rushed into statehood

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