Why do rabid feminists think that I'm so privileged?

Here's my "privileges" for being a male 😆

Threats of Longer prison sentences for the same act because of more severe charges.

Inhumane prison conditions that actually violates international law.

A judiciary that I am actually allowed a certain level of political asylum against, in a foreign correctional facility, until the threat of the states crime against humanity is abandoned.

A prenuptial agreement that in the event of divorce, I as the far less capable job finder, but harder worker, get the house, the car, the furniture, the electronics, all household items, both wedding rings..

And an equal hearing for custody of my children heard in a non-conservative state by change of venue..

And in the event that I don't get the kids, I do get visitation..

And not have to pay child support nor alimony nor any other civil liabilities.

And that Asperger Syndrome is not to be a valid argument in any court.

And I also have the privilege of running the greatest risks of injury, death or disability..

And having to satisfy higher physical standards to get the same jobs.

Quite a list of privileges there.


3 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    Actually, a lot of women do pay child support to men.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Is there an actual question in this? Or were you just wanting to vent? Sounds like you're accusing them of the exact same thing they are accusing you of. They would point out the likelihood of them being raped versus you, how much less they are likely to be paid than you, etc.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Don’t forget...you also have the privilege of not being targeted for regulations. Nobody is trying to take away your curve penis cure or ED treatments.

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