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Child Services?

We took our baby to the hospital after having a home birth 2 weeks ago and he was taken by Child Services because we were suspected of being "homeless" and "mentally unstable" due to our holistic ideologies. We have a court hearing in 2 weeks. We got the supplies needed for the baby along with a lease for our apartment, so CPS can't argue that in court. They already did a home inspection and said the home was safe for the baby. They want to do psychiatric evaluations on us though. How likely are we to get our baby back the next court date? What should we do? My partner has no mental health history, but CPS found out that I used to go to therapy for depression 6 years ago, so what should we expect? Considering there's nothing wrong with us mentally, what should we expect from the results of the evaluations and does that make a difference in regaining custody of our baby?

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    Sounds as if the problem was not your ideologies, it was that you had made no effort to prepare for the arrival of your baby.  My three children were all midwife assisted home births, those are the safest and best.  You do not say why you needed to go to a hospital. Once you got there you were considered homeless because you were not able to give them an address.  Did you not bother with pre-natal check-ups either?  Better start getting your act together.  You will be drug tested before you can see your child and will be regularly visited.

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    That’s what happens when you do crack and heroin. I don’t have children so I don’t have to worry about that and can therefore party 😎 

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