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Is there a chance they were flirting?!?

So I’m single and I get some attention from guys I’ll notice a few looking sometimes. I think I’m pretty but it’s hard to meet people during the pandemic and I don’t really wanna go on a dating app right now. 

Yesterday I was sitting in my roommates car in the parking lot and she was towards the back putting ears on her car for Halloween and already had them on on my side. But they weren’t that noticeable. These two guys came out and one was staring really hard at me through the window and he was staring dead at me for a few seconds but now I’m questioning if he was actually staring at me or wondering what I was doing just sitting in the car or something.

Then coming back into the parking lot I saw this guy who I thought was cute and we made eye contact and I kept looking because I thought he was really cute and he kept looking at me as he was walking. And again I’m starting to doubt and think he was looking at the Halloween ear or the car instead of me but he was looking at me dead in the eye and he looked interested. Could they have just thought I was pretty?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    That's not flirting. He may not be looking at you. He could have been looking at something above the car hood. Next time just wave. You will know if a guy is interested. Do not get so caught up with a facial expression. It could mean nothing.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    It’s hard to say......... why don’t you just ask him out?

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