For those who are bi or trans , What age were you  and how did you know?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    In terms of attraction, I'm an ace bi/pan-romantic. In terms of gender, I'm somewhere in the nebulous demi/fluid cloud.

    The major element of being able to know was having the words to describe myself. Like, I've never been affected or interested in sex. However, I thought that was normal until the last couple years of college. It wasn't until I was 24, a couple years out of college, that I had heard of "asexual" outside of its narrow microbiological context and realized that description fit me.

    I was then about 25/26 when my then-girlfriend/now-friend noticed that I was randomly kinda really femme. And proposed doing a make-over such that we would go out for a night as "lesbian lovers". Despite knowing about trans-identity and being friends with trans-people in college, I never felt the same type of dysphoria/"I don't belong in this body". In my case it's been "I don't mind being stuck in this clumsy meat-bag of a body, but I'm jealous of Mystique (from The X-Men) being able to become whoever she wants whenever she wants."So it would take a couple more years for me to realize that "Gender-Fluid" and "Demi"-genders were is a thing. And the entire idea wasn't even because of research...instead, I was working on a color-theory that turns this abstract scale I've been using into a visual graphic that people could understand intuitively. And one infographic a friend shared the labels and their unique "Queer Flags"...describing exactly the phrases my numbers/colors were representing. And that was officially last year at the age of 28.

    Meanwhile, I've been consistently asexual. However, I keep getting into romantic relationships with random people at the karaoke bar I frequent. Most were women, there were eventually a couple guys in the mix, one time I struck up with a drag-queen in drag that I didn't realize was in drag until after we talked for a bit, and then I ran into that same drag-queen when he not in drag and didn't realize it was the same person. Like, my friends from the karaoke bar actually have a bet on whether, if a legit extraterrestrial came into the bar, I would end up romantically involved with said alien. Obviously this suggests "bi", specifically bi-romantic since it's exclusively romantic/dating-type **** and not an active sexually-involved "I wanna **** your brains out" relationship...but since I don't really care about the appearance (whether presentation or aesthetic), that's a hallmark specifically of "pansexuality" and thus would suggest "pan-romanticism" on my part.

  • 3 weeks ago

    i am a trans guy and as long as i can remember i knew i was male but i found out what tran was around 10

  • 3 weeks ago

    Well I guess the signs were there a lot earlier than I noticed looking back. My romantic orientation: When I should’ve realized: when I decided I wanted to marry my best friend in first grade. When I realized: seventh grade when I noticed that I had a crush on one of my other friends.  My gender identity: when I should’ve realized: about fifth grade. I’m girlflux AFAB so I never really wanted to change much until my chest started developing. Some days I would try to pronounce my breasts when other days I would try to hide them. When i realized: a few months ago in a panic and some google searches of “can you be half genderfluid”

  • 4 weeks ago

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I tried to twist my penis off when I was three because it didn't belong on my body.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I knew at age 6 that  I was attracted to both males and females.

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