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Do you think god has screwed you over in life ?

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  • Enigma
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    3 weeks ago
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    Yes,I most certainly do but He knows what the big picture is and not me so I guess the only thing left for me to do is trust Him.

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    I have not always been the best leader of my own life, not that I ever wanted to be. There are a lot of things that young people are not aware of concerning what they should focus on in order to best equip them for their future and know what kind of discipline that they need to help them be successful. Neither of my parents instilled those things in me, because neither one of them were taught these things by their parents. And the school system does not teach a lot of important and vital things, hardly preparing people for the realities of life. For one, I was never taught that a woman's reproductive window was so much smaller than a man's. While a guy usually has plenty of time, to decide between marriage and not, and starting a family, women must get their plans together a lot earlier, or they get to the point where they are scrambling to accomplish it before they miss their window of opportunity. If a woman wants a career and a family, then she does not have the same amount of time as a man, to figure it out. Time went by so much faster than I thought. It seemed so slow when I was young, but in my twenties it started to race past me. I have been blessed in ways that plenty of people have not been blessed in, but other people have been blessed in ways that I have not been blessed in. I was raised in a dysfunctional household, and I always wanted to start a good family, but what ended up occurring, was the extension of being involved with the dysfunctional people, and the good family never happened.

    I had a lot of dreams, fantasies, desires, about family and part of me feels like time was wasted. Though I am double-minded on the matter. Plenty of people are struggling, and I am struggling too, but just with sustaining myself, and I suppose it is better to struggle by yourself, than to be responsible for people than cannot be supported. Also, suppose I pour everything good into my children, spend my money, time, and emotions on them and they turn out to be horrible people anyway. I don't know if I dodged a bullet. Maybe a husband divorces me, takes off, and leaves me with kids to take care of. Maybe he is a good guy, but he dies, leaving with me with the burden of taking care of a family that I would struggle to support. Sometimes I just think life is hard, and though Joel Osteen speaks of our best life now, that is certainly not what the Bible says at all, but instead tells us that in this world we will have trouble, afflictions, sorrow.....etc... and to expect these things as they are natural occurrences of living in this present evil world. The fact that we have anything good in our lives is a blessing. Life is not supposed to be Good without God in it, but our lives will be made Good when God takes up the fullness of His dominion and rules in reigns in the earth. Right now, that is not occurring, but what we see and witness is the opposite. Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world. His reign will be a future event.

    Regardless of what I think I missed out on in this temporal time in the world, eternity and the payment for my sins was given to me freely, God has given me truth which I hold as very valuable, and I get to speak and see my Maker face to face, the One who loves me and will ensure that justice succeeds in the earth. I know learning does not stop and in the span of eternity, I don't have to look back and wish I could have learned to play a musical instrument, become an artist...etc... because time and knowledge are abundance, even pouring over in the future. I may never be called mom by an actual child that I produce and personally I feel like that is tragic, even more tragic than never finding a compatible partner. But even if I did have a child, I know that children grow up, and end up doing their own thing, with parents left back to where they started from, without children and perhaps even lonely.

    Marriages, children...all of these things are blessings when the people are good in your life, but these things are also temporary. Reproduction will not always be a thing, but there will be a point when everyone who has been made, will be it. Money will certainly fade away, and whatever treasures a person has accumulated, those will also fade. And in the span of all eternity, all of them will be nothing more than a distant memory. If I think about what or who my ultimate treasure is, then I have more peace about losing those other things, as they are less important to what is of higher importance and value. Really the only things that could disappoint me, is if I did not have good access privileges to God in heaven, and if I was surrounded by substitutes that can only offer me superficial, weak, or forced love. I'm not keen on being a person who likes to pretend everything is hunky dory, but I like to live in the truth. I have never been to heaven and could certainly not give a witness testimonial of it, but I know I should not assume it will be disappointing, just because I have experienced a pattern of disappointment in my life, which I view as normalcy.

    In one area of my life that I feel disappointment in (and I know plenty of that blame is on me), I was under the assumption that God would just bring things my heart desired into existence, and make things come to pass automatically. I didn't know that I would need to be the one to figure it out. I wish I could have at least known early on, that I needed to put forth the leg work. You know those sayings...that God will meet you halfway?

    For example, the Bible says seek and you will find.... which requires a person to actually do something on his or her part. This means we move first, and then God moves. Like draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. But what I really hate is the confusion. Maybe I am where God wants me to be in life. Maybe God knows that there was no truly compatible person out there for me, and I wouldn't be satisfied with anyone else, but Him anyway.  What I can say for sure is, that I have never come across anything in this life that has satisfied me and the times when I can remember experiencing joy, is when I focus on Him. I know He is considerate, and I know that the faith that He desires and is looking for, is the trust that He will provide all the solutions that our souls require, and with Him, we will not be in lack regarding anything good.  The Scriptures tell us that He will not fail.

    Those double minded thoughts do come into my mind from time to time, stealing my joy from me. When I focus more on the world and getting what I need from it, then I am always in a sorrowful state, but when my focus is above, and on God, my peace is restored to me. It's just hard to be sad and disappointed for so long, and I have learned to be content with loneliness for so long that I am not fulfilled in my joy in the presence of people's company, but even with these thoughts, in the know that the Bible says that the fullness of joy comes when we are in His presence. We get a taste of what life is like without God, and the world is not in this terrible condition because God is working in the fullness of His dominion and capacity in the earth, but because He is not working in the fullness of it, because it is still under the rule of His adversary, the angel who opposes Him. The book of Revelation speaks of when the system of darkness is exchanged for the system of light, and that is when Satan's kingdom is brought down and replaced by Jesus Himself, when He physically returns to rule and reign in the earth. Our prosperity is meant to be looked forward to in the future, and God will not take things away from us, to leave us with inferior things, but inferior things will be exchanged for what's superior.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    No, I know no gods actually exist.

  • 3 weeks ago

    God has never screwed anybody over in life there's this thing called the Bible it's God's instruction book to you if you fail to obey the instruction you will screw yourself over if you fail to understand the Bible is plainly as it's written you will screw yourself over if you depend on the churches and the pastors to teach you what it says you'll screw yourself over that's why the Bible commands you to get a pencil and a paper and to start copying it onto paper with your pencil for your own edification nothing in the world makes you remember something better than writing it out on paper. I'll also give you something to do if you copy one single chapter per day of the Bible onto a piece of paper it will take up a half an hour a day of your time. That's 30 minutes my friend each and every day that you can't get into trouble. The program of Christianity is all about you doing things to occupy your time that otherwise you might be devoting to doing something bad. if you're sitting in a church listening to the most boring sermon in the world you're not robbing a liquor store. You're not smoking a crack rock. But you occupy your time! If you're at a church supper eating spaghetti and rolls that came from the economy section in the store. And it's not the best food in the world. Then you're not in the topless bar stuffing $5 bills down naked girls money belts. Again you have avoided something that drain your pocket! So you go with your church to the local history museum on Saturday and look at pictures that are 200 years old and it's the most boring outing that you've went to in a long time. You're not hanging around with a crowd of people that's passing around a joint guzzling beer cussing and swearing and generally doing what isn't good for your body. that's all about the Christian program occupy your time with something besides what is bad. And very soon you'll have plenty of money in your pocket and plenty of physical health and you'll learn to create activities that are healthy that you actually enjoy.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    He's given me nothing but blessings. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Not at all.

    I feel blessed..though I sometimes have a "pity party" like everyone else.

  • No he has given me a blessed life and I’m thankful for the little I have, I know things could be far worse.

    And Btw it is not god who screws people over, that is man.

  • 3 weeks ago

    No. God doesn't screw you over. You screw yourself over in life. But God can help you fix your humpty dumpty 

  • 3 weeks ago

    I was suicidal before I started to trust him. That was decades ago, so no.

  • Aaron
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    3 weeks ago

    I feel let down he never shows himself. After I was water baptised as well. Very disappointing. 

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