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Which synastry aspects did you experience and observe to be strong indication of attraction?

From my person experience and observation of other people I know. I noticed any aspect between Venus and Mars had a spark of attraction, most of my big crushes had their Venus square my mars. I’ve also had crushes on Venus opposite Mars, Venus conjunct mars and Venus trine mars but never experienced the sextile yet but I do know a married couple with the sextile aspect between their mars and Venus. I have also noticed “Venus square Sun.” As a strong indication of attraction but it’s usually the Venus person who feels the attraction from my experience I’ve instantly liked guys when my Venus squares their sun and I noticed people who had crushes on me had their Venus square my Sun. I know planets conjuncting the ascendant is another one but I do not know most peoples ascendant but I do notice I attract a lot of Sagittarius sun especially when they conjucnt my Sagittarius ascendant.

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    4 weeks ago

    Mars-Moon-Venus-Sun-Pluto conjunctions, conjunctions to the ASC and DC, planets in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th houses. 

    Conjunctions to the ASC/DSC are the strongest.  

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