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If a couple buy a £300,000 house? How much do they need to be earning per year (UK)???

Roughly how much? To afford a house of that price???? I would assume around £30,000 each????

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    Hard to say. Impossible, really, with only the price of the house to go on. We don't know how much they had for a down payment. What they paid for the house is really not indicative of how much they earn.  What might tell us is what they pay in mortgage payments, but even that isn't very reliable. Maybe they could have afforded to pay more than they do, but chose not to.

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    I have seen USA mortgages include taxes and insurance. I figure UK does too. In America a family must earn 4 mortgage payments per month. If a house is $1200 a month, the income must be 1200 a week. UK is likely about the same... maybe stricter.

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